Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Pediatric Oncology is the Science of Cancer for the Childrens, infant, To Treat the Cancers for the Pediatrics , the Pediatric oncologists were specially trained in both oncology and Pediatrics, as the childerns, infants body responds differently to the treatments of cancer compared to the adults  the common cancer in childrens are Leukemis is acute lymphocytic leukemia, lymphoma.

the Research is critical to progress against pediatric cancers, live Research driving to progress againts the Child cancers, challenges in the Clinical pediatric oncology Research, Promising Areas of Research on pediatric oncology/Hematology were planned to Discuss in the Conference 

join the Conference to deliver your talk at  the International Conferences on Cancer research and Therapy at Rome, Italy on August 17-18, 2020