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Cancer Science is the branch of the science that helps us to study in details about the cancers , cancer cells and anti-cancers and almost covers all the topic of the Cancer cells, in terms this is the branch covers all the every key topic of the cancer research and therapy

Cancers are the Diseases where the cells transforms to the tumor and to malignant by developing and spreading uncontrollably multiplying of the cells in the body. More over the n number of cancers may affect to the human body, the most common diseases in the world as it recorded, the cancer science is improving promptly in the technology need to control the cancers

We invite you to present your work at the gathering of the Oncologists, hematologists and Cancer Research Associates around the world at the conferences gives the fruitful results to Success of the Cancer 2020 Research, The International Conferences on Cancer Research and therapy at Rome Italy.

  • Clinical Research
  • Drug Discovery and Delivery
  • Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics
  • Cell, Molecular, and Stem Cell Biology
  • Chemotherapy
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Surgery and Laparoscopy
  • Molecular Targeted Therapies
  • Natural Therapy and Acupuncture
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Metastatic symptoms

Cancer cells are the cells the divide in numerous in the uncontrollable manner, these cells don’t react for the signals of the neurons to stop the cell metabolism. Ignores the Signals of the Stopping the cell division, cell shedding and apoptosis. These cancer cells spread and form as tumor will spreads into nearby tissues and forms the malignancy. Some cancer cells get fragmented and travels to other parts of the body through plasma or lymphatic systems and forms another tumor from the original tumor is metastasis. Cancer study need to deals with the molecular, cell based and biochemical approaches. Tumor immunology study helps and plays an key role in the diagnosis of the new approaches of the cancer treatments

The cancer cell biology is the Science that helps to know the cancel cell developments, the research begins with the investigation the biological Difference between the normal cell and cancer cells, focuses on the cell transformation from normal cell to cancer cell and spread, or metastasis of the cancer cell, there were lot of challenges in the cancer cell biology Research, the Researchers collaborates to better understand the mechanism of cancers

  • Oncogenes
  • Integrative Cancer Biology and Genomics
  • Chromosome Biology
  • Tumour Immunology
  • Tumour Biology
  • Tumour Progression
  • Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis
  • Tumour Cell Interactions
  • Cancer Cell Pathology

Oncology is the Science that deals with cell development disorders, maturity, Metabolism and cell transformations to cancer, in short, the Study of the Cancer cells , the branch Deals with the invention of Cancer Diseases, prevention, Diagnosis, treatment of the cancer cells.

Cancers affect the body parts by the uncontrollable multiplying of the cells by forming the malignant. Cancer affects the different body parts as the tissues varies, Breast cancer, prostate, lungs, platelets (leukemia) or different organs carry on in various way, are of various evaluations and cell type, react distinctively to treatment

Subspecialties of the cancers:

  • Radiation oncology 
  • Surgical oncology 
  • Medical oncology 
  • Interventional oncology 
  • Gynecologic oncology 
  • Pediatric oncology 
  • Other subspecialties include:
    • Neuro-oncology –
    • Hemato-oncology
    • Uro-oncology

The Oncologist and researchers gathers at the Cancer 2020 conference to share their eminent experience, we invite take part in the cancer conference 2020 to explore more with knowledge.

The cancers on the Different organs treated in the Different therapies.

Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, Cervical & Uterine Cancer, Ovarian Cancer (NEW),Testicular Cancer, Kidney & Ureter Cancer, Pancreatic & Biliary Cancer, Skin Cancer: Melanoma, Brain & Other Nervous System Breast Cancer, Gynecologic Cancers -Cervical Cancer, Uterus Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Vulvar Cancer, Brain Cancer, Bone Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Liver Cancer, Blood Cancer, Eye Cancer and many other cancers

The Specific Cancer is treated with Specific techniques and treatments or therapies by the Specialized Oncologists.

The Oncology professionals were presenting the work and sharing their experiences at the Cancer 2020 conference, join and explore yourself to the world of research.

Stem Cell therapy is the procedure by the use of stem cells the Condition of cancer is treated or prevented. The Stem cell transplantation is to restore the blood forming stem cells to the people who have lost or destroyed in the treatment of high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The stem cells are very important that these will grow into different types of blood cells, White blood cells, Red blood cells, Platelets

Stem cells transplants do not work against Cancer directly but they help in recovery by forming the blood cells, this improves the patient recovery from cancer and Success of the treatment

The hematologists, oncologist works on the research on the Stem cell therapy in treatment of cancer are invited to present your work to the World in the Cancer 2020 conference 

  • CSCs and Cancer Treatment
  • Cancer Stem Cells
  • Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation

Cancer treatments and therapy depends on the type of cancer, organ of cancer and stage of the cancer how advanced stage the cancer is. Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or hormone therapy. Most of people treated with combined therapy and some with one treatment. Such as Surgery with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

The Chemotherapist, oncologists, cancer professionals and researchers works on the advanced therapy to cure the cancer. Let’s discuss in the cancer 2020 conference.

Invited to submit your abstract to present and to participate in the international Conference of Cancer research and therapy

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Precision Medicine

Surgical Procedure to treat the Cancer depends on the Organ, size, location, Grade and Stage of the Cancer at the particular and also other basic primary information of the patient and other medical condition, Oncologists were trained specially to perform the Surgery of tumor, depending on the cancer type, stage of the Tumor, location the surgery performed with minimal Surgical Invasive technologies such as laparoscopy, robotic Surgery.

  • Surgical Biopsies
  • Radical procedures
  • General  & Gynaec-onco surgeries
  • Surgical Techniques
  • Surgical Biopsies

The anti-cancer Drugs is to destroy the tumor cells or to control the growth of the cells The Cancer Drugs those drugs used as Anti-Cancer Drugs to treat the cancer through medication. Massive developments in the Drug discovery. The cancer Drug classification in the pharmacology. The discovery of new anti-cancer drug that inactivates the cancer cells permanently without harmful effects.

The success rate of Drug discovery is made possible, lets Discuss and share more information that increases the accuracy in the Drug Discovery of cancer cells at the Cancer 2020 conference at Rome Italy.

  • Kinase Inhibitors
  • Oncology drug discovery
  • Academic-industry partnering
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Cancer therapeutics

Tumor immunology refers to the interactions between the immune system and the cancer cells, the most known application the immunotherapy is using the immune System in the treatment of Cancer. The non-transformed and malignant cells interacts to create the tumor microenvironment. T cells and natural killer cells involved in tumor immunosurvelliance.the immunosuppressive tumor and microenvironment may allow to escape detection. Then the protocols and pathways discovered for the cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

The tumor immunology is the vast key topic that immune system responds to the cancer cells to be detected for further the procedure of treatments to be taken based of the type and kind and location of the Cancer, tumor immunology includes the recognition of cancer specific antigens, and tumor marked diagnostic tests

There further the advances made and need in the cancer immunology, hence the Researchers works on the immunology of cancer. We welcome to present your work in the cancer 2020 congress at Rome Italy entitled International Conference of cancer research and therapy

  •  Antibody Therapy
  • Cellular Immunotherapy
  • Cancer Antigens & Vaccines
  • Clinical Cancer immunology
  • Cancer Immunosurveillance and Immunoediting
  • Host-Tumour Relation

Precision medicine is denoted as the by the study of the particular patient genetic changes that may cause the diseases, even in the Cancer has the genetic involvement in spread of Cancer, tumors have genetic changes that cause cancer to grow and spread precision medicine is an the approach on patient that helps the doctors to select the specific treatment to treat the cancer, in simple the precision medicine is personalized medicine to treat the cancer as the individuals may respond to the treatment in different way. The recent advances in science and technology made in the development of the precision medicine helps the speed up the pace of research in the field

The cancer researchers join in the congress to progress the advanced technologies and Discuss the Future aspects of Research and therapy of cancer at the Cancer 2020 conference at Rome, Italy

  • Novel Drug Delivery system
  • Precision medicine
  • Cancer Genetics
  • Target medicine technologies
  • Treatment for cancer

Pediatric Oncology is the Science of Cancer for the Childrens, infant, To Treat the Cancers for the Pediatrics , the Pediatric oncologists were specially trained in both oncology and Pediatrics, as the childerns, infants body responds differently to the treatments of cancer compared to the adults  the common cancer in childrens are Leukemis is acute lymphocytic leukemia, lymphoma.

the Research is critical to progress against pediatric cancers, live Research driving to progress againts the Child cancers, challenges in the Clinical pediatric oncology Research, Promising Areas of Research on pediatric oncology/Hematology were planned to Discuss in the Conference 

join the Conference to deliver your talk at  the International Conferences on Cancer research and Therapy at Rome, Italy on August 17-18, 2020

The Cancer Is the Disease that has highest rate of death flow increased as well, for every Deadly diseases the prevention is found, to the cancer, the Researchers sorted the prevention of cancer, tobacco control programs implemented that made to save lives.

the Cancer studies clearly defines how the cancer develops and identified factors , by the Studies the Cancer risk is identified and paving a way to advancements made to cancer prevention, based on the Knowledge, the Cancer Professional, researchers are testing new methods, innovations and new approaches to prevent the cancer.

Recently a massive discoveries by the researchers helps in the Prevention of cancer.

Join the conference present your work, Ideas of research in order to share the Knowledge unitedly to make the world cancer free.

The International Conference of Cancer Research and therapy at Rome, Italy is open for Abstract acceptance. Submit your Abstract

Immunotherapy is the cancer Treatment that helps the Immune system to fight with cancer cells, this is a biological therapy is the Type of Treatments by the use of Substances that extracted or made from Living organisms to treat cancer.

Even the Immune System can slow or destroy the growth of cancer cells, the cancer cells may avoid the distraction from the Immune system by its nature, and As the Cancer

  • Have Proteins on the surface of the cells that make the immune system action turn off
  • Changes the Normal cells arou8nd the Tumor that by confusing the immune system that cancer cells escape  
  • Have the genetic Changes that make them less visible to immune system.

The radiation therapy that kills the cancer cells or breaks the growth by damaging the DNA of the cells. Radiotherapy is the cancer Treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill Cancer cells and shrink tumors.

The Radiation not only kills the cancer cells, it may also effects the healthy cells nearby, this is the side effect of the therapy

Recent Treatment Advances in Radiation Oncology making possible by the Dimensional targeting Treatment.

Let’s discuss more and most advanced techniques of the Radiation in Treating the Cancer at the Cancer 2020 Conference at Rome, Italy.

The Neonatal and Pediatric Oncology is the Cancer in Neonatal and Pediatrics, complicated to treat the specialized pediatric oncologists treats usually. The very most common childhood cancers are blood cancers, Leukemia, lymphoma, neuroblasts brain tumors and may others due to the child condition. As the Adult Cancers Differ from Pediatric cancers

Hence the need of advancements and techniques to treat the cancers in the children

  • Pediatric Oncology Nursing
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Pediatric Oncology
  • Integrative Pediatric Oncology
  • Palliative Care in Pediatric Oncology
  • Pioneers in pediatric oncology
  • Supportive Care in Pediatric Oncology
  • Fetal and Neonatal Pathology
  • Neonatal Tumors
  • Radiological Imaging of the Neonate

We will discuss the progress, new invention techniques under the Session at the International Conference on cancer research and therapy at Rome, Italy on August 17-18, 2020.

The new Cancer Drugs Discovery happens with the Pharmaceutical testing on the cancer cells with variety of ways. The Nanotheranostics and Cancer is the Current topic research in the world in case of cancer cells. The Scientist and researchers were working on the DNA of the Cancer cells is restored as normal healthy Cell.

The nanotheranostics are now in form that provide innovative and more effective in early Diagnosis, imaging, therapy and treating of cancer.the Design of nano particles served the Therapeutic and diagnostic, dramatically Increases, in the Treatment of Tumor and cancer especially with minimal side effects

The Nanotheranostics is the current raising topics and special issue aiming in the cancer treatment

With the references the Current progress has developed by the Researchers of Oncology in  Treating of cancers

We are open for the accept of Abstracts to present in the Cancer 2020 conference at Rome, Italy on August 17-18, 2020.


  • Nanotheranostics
  • Cancer
  • Functionalization
  • Active targeting
  • Nanomedicine
  • Nanoscience
  • Drug delivery
  • Gene delivery
  • Imaging