Cancer biology

Cancer cells are the cells the divide in numerous in the uncontrollable manner, these cells don’t react for the signals of the neurons to stop the cell metabolism. Ignores the Signals of the Stopping the cell division, cell shedding and apoptosis. These cancer cells spread and form as tumor will spreads into nearby tissues and forms the malignancy. Some cancer cells get fragmented and travels to other parts of the body through plasma or lymphatic systems and forms another tumor from the original tumor is metastasis. Cancer study need to deals with the molecular, cell based and biochemical approaches. Tumor immunology study helps and plays an key role in the diagnosis of the new approaches of the cancer treatments

The cancer cell biology is the Science that helps to know the cancel cell developments, the research begins with the investigation the biological Difference between the normal cell and cancer cells, focuses on the cell transformation from normal cell to cancer cell and spread, or metastasis of the cancer cell, there were lot of challenges in the cancer cell biology Research, the Researchers collaborates to better understand the mechanism of cancers

  • Oncogenes
  • Integrative Cancer Biology and Genomics
  • Chromosome Biology
  • Tumour Immunology
  • Tumour Biology
  • Tumour Progression
  • Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis
  • Tumour Cell Interactions
  • Cancer Cell Pathology