Cancer and Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology

The new Cancer Drugs Discovery happens with the Pharmaceutical testing on the cancer cells with variety of ways. The Nanotheranostics and Cancer is the Current topic research in the world in case of cancer cells. The Scientist and researchers were working on the DNA of the Cancer cells is restored as normal healthy Cell.

The nanotheranostics are now in form that provide innovative and more effective in early Diagnosis, imaging, therapy and treating of cancer.the Design of nano particles served the Therapeutic and diagnostic, dramatically Increases, in the Treatment of Tumor and cancer especially with minimal side effects

The Nanotheranostics is the current raising topics and special issue aiming in the cancer treatment

With the references the Current progress has developed by the Researchers of Oncology in  Treating of cancers

We are open for the accept of Abstracts to present in the Cancer 2020 conference at Rome, Italy on August 17-18, 2020.


  • Nanotheranostics
  • Cancer
  • Functionalization
  • Active targeting
  • Nanomedicine
  • Nanoscience
  • Drug delivery
  • Gene delivery
  • Imaging