Tumor Immunology

Tumor immunology refers to the interactions between the immune system and the cancer cells, the most known application the immunotherapy is using the immune System in the treatment of Cancer. The non-transformed and malignant cells interacts to create the tumor microenvironment. T cells and natural killer cells involved in tumor immunosurvelliance.the immunosuppressive tumor and microenvironment may allow to escape detection. Then the protocols and pathways discovered for the cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

The tumor immunology is the vast key topic that immune system responds to the cancer cells to be detected for further the procedure of treatments to be taken based of the type and kind and location of the Cancer, tumor immunology includes the recognition of cancer specific antigens, and tumor marked diagnostic tests

There further the advances made and need in the cancer immunology, hence the Researchers works on the immunology of cancer. We welcome to present your work in the cancer 2020 congress at Rome Italy entitled International Conference of cancer research and therapy

  •  Antibody Therapy
  • Cellular Immunotherapy
  • Cancer Antigens & Vaccines
  • Clinical Cancer immunology
  • Cancer Immunosurveillance and Immunoediting
  • Host-Tumour Relation