Oncology: Sub-Specialities

Oncology is the Science that deals with cell development disorders, maturity, Metabolism and cell transformations to cancer, in short, the Study of the Cancer cells , the branch Deals with the invention of Cancer Diseases, prevention, Diagnosis, treatment of the cancer cells.

Cancers affect the body parts by the uncontrollable multiplying of the cells by forming the malignant. Cancer affects the different body parts as the tissues varies, Breast cancer, prostate, lungs, platelets (leukemia) or different organs carry on in various way, are of various evaluations and cell type, react distinctively to treatment

Subspecialties of the cancers:

  • Radiation oncology 
  • Surgical oncology 
  • Medical oncology 
  • Interventional oncology 
  • Gynecologic oncology 
  • Pediatric oncology 
  • Other subspecialties include:
    • Neuro-oncology –
    • Hemato-oncology
    • Uro-oncology

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